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Wedding Theme Colors

It's almost impossible to envision a wedding day without thinking of the wedding theme colors. Selecting those theme colors is one of the first and—dare I say it?—most important decisions you'll make, because it will influence many of the decisions that follow. Will the bride wear white or ivory, champagne or some other color? What color are her shoes? What color will the bridesmaids wear? What color are the floral arrangements, the linens, the cake? And what about the favors?
tangerine wedding colors
tangerine, fuchsia, and pink
wedding theme colors If you need help coming up with color choices for your wedding or event, you've come to the right place! We think it's much easier to make a decision about your color palette when you can actually see what those colors look like! Scroll down to see some of our tag designs and photos with swatch examples that use two or more popular colors. Watch our video about how to select colors from nature. And please subscribe to our color theme boards on Pinterest!

We've been "doing favors" since 2005, and when we say we can customize our favors to match your wedding, bridal shower, or other event colors, we really mean it! Since we follow up every order with an emailed proof, feel free to request special colors along with your custom text when placing your personalized order. And please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. We'd love to work with you!

The color wheel above includes all of the tulle ribbons we work with.
What are these tulle colors called? Starting at the arrow and moving clockwise, they are:

wine | fuschia | hot pink | petals | red | coral | dusty rose | paris pink | pale pink | peach | orange | goldenrod | butter | yellow | lemon | mint | citrus | lime | kelly | emerald | sage | tiffany | lagoon | turquoise | williamsburg blue | french blue | powder | royal | navy | eggplant | amethyst | wisteria | pansy | lavender | purple | ivory | sand | copper | chocolate | black | steel gray | white | silver shimmer | gold shimmer

pink and brown

1. Pink and Chocolate Brown

Think pink! Hot pink, Paris pink, powder puff, blush, petals, or bright lipstick. Pair it with another shade of pink along with chocolate brown, espresso, or mocha.

2. Tangerine Wedding Colors

Orange wedding themes are also some of the most popular. The color of the year for 2012 is Tangerine Tango, but persimmon, goldenrod, and shades of coral have been popular for the last few years. Try them alone or with hot pink or pale pink.

We also have orange butterfly designs.

tangerine wedding favors
tangerine wedding theme
lavender brown theme

3. Lavender and Brown

Purple has just never gone out of style. Whether it's a lavender theme, or eggplant, wisteria, pansy, violet, amethyst, or 2012's bellflower or sweet lilac, try them together or with chocolate brown (or driftwood or starfish, if you're using 2012's color chart).

If you're looking for lavender toss or sachets for favors, we have that, too.

purple brown wedding theme

4. Pink and Green

Life is a Cabaret, my friend! This year's hot pink is called cabaret. Try it with with leaf green...dusty pink with celadon...Paris pink and margarita. Pink and green are preppy favorites, you know!

dusty pink wedding theme
pink green weddings
aquamarine wedding color

5. Tiffany Blue and Chocolate

Tiffany blue and chocolate wedding colors are popular, but how about various shades of turquoise, aquamarine, and teal? (Or 2012's cockatoo and starfish?) Also nice with white and black. (Or green! And these are great choices for tropical themes.) See more on our Something Blue page.

aqua and kelly green theme

6. Coral and Red

Coral, ruby, red, burgundy, peach. Or how about coral and champagne wedding colors? Or coral and green? See more of our coral wedding theme ideas here.

coral wedding theme
blue and lavender

7. Blue and Lavender

Sodalite blue and bellflower. Navy, periwinkle, lavender, slate, or powder blue. These are analogous colors, which means they are next to each other on the color wheel. Tip: Pick one main color and use a few others to each side of the wheel for accent or accessories.

8. Black and white

Black, white, gray and silver. Classic and classy. Oh, and zebra. (Well you need to have a bachelorette party, right?)

black and white wedding
peach and brown wedding

9. Peach and Brown

Peach can be soft and warm (paired with mocha or coral), or bright and bold (doing the tango with tangerine).

peach and brown theme

10. Pink and Champagne

Pink with dusty rose and champagne. A little bit of ivory, maybe a hint of darker raspberry...simply lovely.

pink and champagne
lavender and green

11. Lavender and Green

Lavender (aka bellflower) with leaf green, citrus, mint, violet, pansy, margarita, or chartreuse. Yellow greens and pale purples are gorgeous together.

12. True Blue

Something Blue! Royal, navy, powder, Williamsburg, aquamarine, 2012's sodalite blue and cockatoo, even peacock: everyone has their favorite blue. Blues are beautiful together, with white, with the corals and oranges that are complementary (opposite blue on the color wheel), and with yellow. See above for lavender and brown, below for red. Blues go with almost anything. (Think about the ocean and sky!)

Check out our Something Blue favors and gifts here to see lots of other design examples.

something blue theme
perfect pair green

13. Green and Brown

Celadon, leaf green, sage, mint, emerald, or kelly green with espresso, chocolate brown, driftwood. The Perfect Pair theme uses these hues...well, "perfectly."

See our apple theme designs for another friendly fruit that shares these colors, too.

brown and green theme

14. Yellow

Lemon yellow, butter, sunshine and crisp white.
Lemon drop favors are perfect for this theme.

lemon yellow theme

teal wedding theme

15. Tiffany and Red

Ruby red and Tiffany blue or Robin's egg blue make a bold, classy choice. Try teal and ruby, robin's egg and scarlet, burgundy and the palest aquamarine.

(See our red tulip design on aqua for another example of this color pairing.)

aqua and red wedding colors

16. Magenta, Fuschia and Green

Magenta, leaf green, mint, citrus, pansy and purple.

magenta wedding colors

The designs above are only a few examples of the color combinations we can put together for you. The possibilities are endless. The tag design numbers, from left to right in each graphic, are 1052, 1058, and 1047, but please note that we can customize the colors on almost all of our tag and label designs! Please contact us about your custom colors!

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