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as seen in Good Housekeeping

Lip Balm 101
It's not just for lips anymore!
Using lip balm to soothe and protect your lips in the winter months is a no-brainer, of course! With all the lip balm we have around, we've come up with some extra uses for the stuff and we'd love to share our ideas! (Who knows...maybe there's even an idea you've never thought of.) We're also introducing our new Bare Balm—a color, scent, and flavor-free balm perfect for any use!

1. Heal the Chap
Okay, so chapped lips are par for the course in the winter months, and we've all got a jar or tube (or two...or five...) of our favorite balm on hand to smooth and soothe our kissers. But what about chapped hands, or even windburned cheeks? A thin layer of balm on the face or hands can help to heal that red, raw skin and may even protect it from the elements when you go back outside. (If you don't like the "shiny" look, apply only at bedtime!)

Unscented, unflavored lip balm
Bonus tip: When you're recovering from a cold or the flu, apply a layer of balm above your upper lip straight to your nose to heal and protect the sore spot that often develops from all those tissues. Your nose will thank you!
2. Smooth the Rough Edges
Winter isn't the only time of year that skin can feel dry or rough, but it's a great time to pamper those problem areas. Rough or dry skin on elbows, knees, heels, or even cuticles can benefit from a bit of balm. How exactly does balm help?

Natural oils, butters, and waxes can protect skin from further damage even as they moisturize and restore. Almond oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil work to soften, condition, and smooth the skin, and their natural vitamins are believed to rejuvenate as well as protect. Shea butter is another great moisturizer, and cocoa butter and beeswax in a balm help to hold all these conditioners and moisturizers to the skin. Our balms contain all of these ingredients, plus extra Vitamin E.
3. Lips Part Deux
Maybe your lips aren't quite chapped, but they're not as smooth as you'd like, either? You just might need a sugar polish! All you need is your favorite lip balm (we like a little Mango for our lip polish) and some granulated sugar.

Scoop a bit of balm into your palm and add a pinch of sugar, mix until the balm is warm and melted, then apply gently to the lips. When you rinse away the sugar, your invigorated skin will still feel that protective layer of balm.

Note: We loved the idea of adding a pinch of salt to make polish...especially with our margarita balm, it was too hard to resist...but found that if our lips were the slightest bit chapped the salt would sting. Salt is also harsher than sugar (the crystals are sharper) and can be dehydrating, which was not the effect we wanted. Our recommendation: stick to sugar!

4. Balms Away on Nicks and Scrapes
Cut your leg shaving? No problem! Dab a bit of balm on the nick to stop bleeding fast. (This is only appropriate for minor cuts and scrapes...not deep wounds! Our balm can be a great petroleum-free alternative to some ointments, but please consult with your doctor when necessary and use products appropriate for your injury!)
5. By Gum, the Gum is Gone!
With two elementary school aged kids, I was bound to end up with chewing gum in my dryer at some point, right?!
I scraped off as much of the goo as I could, then applied a bit of balm around it. Wiping with a paper towel removed the gum and the balm all at once, and with a few applications, all the stickiness was gone.

I've since found that balm is great for removing other sticky things, like annoying bits of adhesive labels that refuse to come off. Please note that these tips are only recommended for hard surfaces, not fabrics or other porous materials. You also won't want to apply balm to anything that can be damaged or stained by oils. Keep reading for our tips on removing lip balm from clothing.

"Out, damn'd spot! out, I say!"
Now that you have all of these new uses for lip balm, you'll probably have one in every pocket, and you know what that means: lip balm in the laundry. Whether it's lip balm melted in the jeans, a shirt pocket, or on your favorite dress, if you can iron and wash the garment, you can get it out!

The object is to melt the balm with your iron and absorb the waxes and oils into paper towels.

  • Start by gently scraping off any excess balm.
  • Set your iron to the lowest setting and prepare your ironing board with several layers of paper towels. Place the garment on the paper towels, then put additional layers of the towels on top of and underneath the stain (inside the clothing...this prevents wax from melting through and staining the other side of the garment).
  • Place the iron on the top layer, above the stain, and heat the towels. Depending on your fabric type, you may need to adjust the heat of the iron, and you will need to replace the paper towels as they absorb the oils. Repeat this process with clean towels until you have absorbed as much of the balm as possible.
  • Wash the garment by itself in hot or warm water (the hotter the better!), with detergent.
  • Allow garment to drip dry, and check to see if an additional wash cycle is necessary. Several wash cycles at high temperature with detergent should remove any remaining oil stain.
Bare Balm is color-free, fragrance-free, and flavor-free, with all the great moisturizing properties of our other balms. Great for all the practical uses you can think of, or for the person who doesn't like flavor or fragrance in their lip balm.

Bare Balm Tube
Special! 2 for $4.00

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