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Divorce Party Favors
& Theme Ideas

Who hasn't taken a friend out to cheer her up after a bad break up? When a friend's relationship sours, one of the sweetest things you can do is remind her how much you care about her! If you were there for her "last night out" as a bachelorette, how about celebrating her "first night out" as a new single?

Break Up and Divorce Parties are gaining popularity as a more "lighthearted" way to mark the end of a relationship. Once the difficult emotional and legal process is over, a new life can begin, and that's something to celebrate.

Our "Soon-to-be-Single" divorce party favors express a variety of sentiments to reflect the complicated emotions you or your friend might be feeling.

dirty bastard lotions divorce party favors
NEW! Dirty Bastard Lotion Favors

Remember in "Under the Tuscan Sun," how Frances goes out to dinner when her marriage ends? Her friend Patti says, "You start a marriage with cake and champagne. Finish it that way, too." If you're helping a friend to celebrate the end of a difficult time, our Champagne Favors with personalized messages can help you say, "Congratulations! You made it through!"

breakup party favors western theme
Happy Trails - Divorce Party
Lip Balm Favors

Maybe your friend isn't feeling much like sowing more wild oats at this stage in the game... this whole "single again" thing seems a little nerve-wracking! Say "Cheers to You!" and lighten things up with Sex on the Beach flavored divorce party favors.

Have you encouraged her to move on but she's having a hard time letting go? There's nothing like a little tequila if your friend needs help forgetting him: Margarita lip balm favors are the perfect fit (and no negative effects after the divorce party!).

While we certainly don't promote vengeful thinking, what's a little venting among friends? For those who can't wait to make it final, Dirty Bastard is a mixed drink flavor with attitude! Add a "You go, girl!" tag and head out on the town with your diva friends!

If you and the girls prefer a cosmo or appletini, you can stick to your favorites with our favors: our Girls' Night balms come in more than a dozen of your favorite cocktail flavors (see below). Gift tags can be personalized with soon-to-be-single's name and/or date of "freedom"...see below for examples of tags and talk with us about adding your own personal touches!

Still looking for divorce party ideas? Our customers have come up with some amazing divorce party themes. Check out some of the favors we've made for them, and contact us if you'd like us to help you make your own party favors!

divorce party favors
Version 2.0 - Ready for a Reboot?
Our balms are made with almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax, avocado oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, Vitamin E, essential oils and/or other flavorings and colorings. Please allow 7 to 10 days lead time for us to prepare your favors (but contact us if you're in a rush—we can often accommodate your schedule).

Girls' Night Flavors, Undecorated

single balms
Learn more about our lip balm flavors here.

Soon-to-be-Single Lip Balm, standard packaging $2.95 

Soon-To-Be-Single Balms
with Custom Labels

To order lip balm favors with custom labels, please click the button below, then choose your flavor, label choice, personal text and quantity in the shopping cart. Minimum order of 10, please. See below for label examples.

Lip balm Favors with Custom Labels $3.25

divorce party favor lip balms
Divorce Party Reset Button Theme
divorce party favors leopard print
Leopard Print Theme Tags

Soon-To-Be-Single Balms
with Custom Tags

To order favors with custom tags, please click the button below, then choose your flavor, tag choice and tulle color, personal text and quantity in the shopping cart. Minimum order of 10, please. (See below for examples of tags.)

Lip balm Favors with Custom Tags $3.50

Soon-To-Be-Single Balms
with Custom Tags & Labels

To order favors with custom labels AND tags, please click the button below, then choose your flavor, tag, label, and tulle choice, personal text and quantity in the shopping cart. Minimum order of 10, please. (See below for examples of labels and tags.)

Lip balm Favors with Custom Tags and Labels $3.75

divorce party these boots were made for walking
These Boots Were Made For Walking

Divorce Party Ideas - Label Designs

divorce party labels

Divorce Party Theme Ideas - Tag Designs

divorce party ideas tags

NEW! Divorce Party
Lotion Favors

Our lotion in one ounce bottles helps to smooth away all the rough edges (on knees and elbows, of course). Available in many fragrances—including our NEW Dirty Bastard scent, a blend of blackberries and lime—our lotions contain no mineral oil, parabens, or artificial colors.

Favors are packaged in clear bags topped with tulle bow and tag design of your choice (see examples above, and note the ID number of the design you'd like; you can enter it in the shopping cart to order). Favors are $3.50 each, minimum order of 10, please.

Lotion Divorce Party Favors $3.50

dirty bastard lotion favor

Divorce Party Ideas

divorce party ideas lemons to lemonade Our friends have come up with some really unique ideas for divorce and break-up parties. Here's another idea for a Divorce Party theme: Lemons to Lemonade. This works with lemon or lemonade balm, or we can also do Lemon Drop if you'd rather have a Sweetini flavor!

For a multi-generational party, this is a terrific theme that puts a positive spin on this transition.

If you (or your friend) are feeling footloose and fancy free, this might be the design for you! It was just right for Sharon's "Free At Last" party, and you can customize the colors and fonts for your own divorce shower! Just ask for the "footloose" design when checking out! divorce shower favors footloose
divorce party favors renewed Another of our customers contacted us about creating favors for a "Renewal Party." This is another idea for a divorce shower theme. Isn't this a great way to think about this change? Here are some other words that you could use for a party like this: awakening, rejuvenation, rekindle, restore, resume, revitalize.
Here's another idea: Vanessa 2.0. She's innovative! She's progressive! She's brand new! Personalize with your own or a friend's name, of course, and it's another positive vision of life beyond break-up. Can't you see these as divorce shower favors for a tech-savvy friend? divorce shower favors 2.0
so you too can kiss my ass We just had to laugh while we were putting together this order. Yes, this was a real order! When people talk about "kissing balm" they usually aren't talking about this! We're sure there are plenty of women (and men!) out there who can relate.

The point is, no matter what your divorce party theme or party idea, we're delighted to work with you in making unique, one-of-a-kind favors and gifts. Don't hesitate to call us or email to discuss the details of your event!

divorce party turn over a new leaf Here are some popular Break Up Party drink choices we can create for you. Don’t see your favorite drink here? E-mail us with details—we can create a special balm just for you!

Appletini, Champagne, Cosmopolitan, Dirty Bastard, Foxy Lady, Irish cream, Lemon Drop, Margarita, Mimosa, Mojito, Piña colada, Pink champagne, Pink flirtini, Sangria, Sex on the Beach, Strawberry Daiquiri

Please contact us to discuss your options and let us help you create the perfect flavorful favors!
Visit our Zazzle store for Divorce Party t-shirts, stickers, and other products to match your favors! single again t-shirt